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LECTURE, Jacques Brejoux [ Salt Lake City, FDH, Iowa City, Chicago, Washington D. C.]
“Medieval stampers: construction and use in pulp preparation for hand papermaking” (Lecture text comes under the heading of "le papier")

After more than 30 years exploring the craft of papermaking, Jacques Brejoux came to the conclusion that further improvement of his papers depended on building a full scale set of medieval stampers for preparation of his pulps. Years of work and 30,000 Euros later, Mr. Brejoux has realized his goal and the accomplishment is one of the most significant events in contemporary hand papermaking. In this lecture he will describe the entire project and the unusual papers that have resulted—a majority of which are designed for use in book and paper conservation.

WORKSHOP, Nadine Dumain ( Salt Lake City, Chicago,Washington D. C.)
“Paper cased book structures employing multi-ply papers”

Nadine Dumain’s all day workshop will explore the special working properties of new multi-ply paper case papers produced at the Moulin du Verger papermill in France. Many of the features of the book structures described result from several collaborative workshop sessions and ongoing dialogue with British book conservator Chris Clarkson and master papermaker Jacques Brejoux. All participants will complete at least one book by the end of the day.

Jacques Brejoux is Proprietor and Master Papermaker at the Moulin du Verger, in Puymoyen, France where paper was first made in 1539. Brejoux has devoted his career to making paper by hand. Over the past 15 years Mr. Brejoux has produced tracing paper, very lightweight “cigarette” paper, "papier Joseph," 100% raw flax papers, Islamic style papers and a range of additional papers intended for use by conservators and artists. His latest research has focused on the development of multi-ply papers made from stamper beaten 70 year old linen rags. The finished sheets are modeled after historical prototypes and are designed for use in paper cased bindings.

For the last 12 years Nadine Dumain has practiced book binding in her workshop at the Moulin du Verger paper mill in Puymoyen, located in the Charente (Cognac) region of France. During the last several years she has collaborated with Chris Clarkson and Jacques Brejoux during workshops on the development of paper cased bindings for book conservators and specialists in allied fields.

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